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David Waldbauer

-Holistic Astrology-

Ancient Wisdom for Daily Life

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  • your path to personal growth;

  • what your true talents and gifts really are;

  • how to know and accept yourself more fully

  • a big decision you have to make;

  • in which phase of your life you are and how to get the most out of it.


  • a difficult life situation;
  • reoccurring problems in your relationship;

  • frustration and the feeling of not being fulfilled with your current work situation;

  • problems in raising and understanding your children.

"Many thanks! It has certainly enlightened me and made everything cristal clear in my head!" - Fabienne



In a personal birth chart reading I look at your birth chart, which displays the positions of the planets in the different signs and houses at the moment of your birth, to get information about important character traits, potential talents and difficulties.

I will also have a look at the current planet positions to indicate important life phases which can bring times of growth or difficulties to work through. I am not interested in predicting specific events, but more to figure out the most important archetypal patterns and timings in your life.

"My consultation with David was such an insightful and nurturing experience. His energy is grounded and gentle as he guides you through your chart encouraging an open mind and heart for many interpretations and possibilities. I came away feeling sure and proud of my authentic myself and a deeper awareness of who I am. David is highly skilled and gifted in astrology, with an incredible attention to detail. I felt held and respected throughout and he had clearly dedicated time to studying my chart prior our session so he was well prepared and fluent in translating it for me."  - May

Meet David

My name is David, I am German, and from a young age, I have been passionate about philosophy, psychology, and natural healing methods.

In 2016, I began to dive deeper into my interest and love for holistic astrology, which led me to attend a 3-year course with one of the most known astrologers in Portugal, Andy Spencer.

The depth and beauty of this ancient form of study have been my inspiration to better understand the wonders and magic of this Universe.

Now, more than ever, I feel the call to share with you - through readings - this fantastic tool for self-knowledge, being certain that it will be highly beneficial for your life and those around you.

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"I really enjoyed my birth chart reading with David. It confirmed so much of who I have always known I am. His explanation about my transits taught me why I have been feeling off and not quite like myself lately and the challenges and opportunities I have faced and will be facing! Super interesting, I will definitely book some follow-up consultations to dive deeper! Highly recommended." - Irina

Types of Consultations

The Consultations are usually held online or presential  in the area of Porto.

You will receive the full record of the consultation as mp3 to be able to listen to it later. Available languages: German, English, Portuguese.



General and deep analyses of emotional patterns, current big transits and a outlook for the next years. Clarifying astrological influences in all areas of life.

Duration: 1-1,5h



A consultation with a special focus on your child. I will have a look a emotional patterns, potentialities and some difficulties which might come along the way. A great help to be a more conscious, loving and accepting parent.

Duration: 1h



A shorter reading to identify the most important current transits and the biggest emotional life patterns. Also can be a consultation about a specific topic or question you might have.

Duration: 30min



You are staring a new project, business, course etc. and want to make sure, that its done a the right timing? In this consultation I will choose a good timing for your new adventure.

Duration: 30 min

* I offer 3 different prices:

  • regular price (the middle one): the fair value in relation to the experience and amount of work involved in preparing and conducting the consultation.

  • reduced price: designed for those who currently have fewer financial possibilities.

  • support price: for those who feel they have sufficient resources to provide extra support to my project.

"I had the good fortune of having an online reading with David. He clearly interpreted my natal chart and explained how some of the upcoming transits would impact my relationships, work, resources, and self-worth.

David is a conscientious astrologer, navigates through the complexities of different components of the chart with ease, and has a respectful and understanding demeanor.

I found the reading so helpful and insightful, that I gifted a reading to my sister for her birthday. After her reading, I sensed she jumped into her solar year with clarity and vigor."



You are in a big transformative phase of your life and want to work with astrology over a longer period of time to go into more depth. Than this package is for you!

After a full personal birth chart reading I am going to have a even deeper look at your  life patterns and big transformative transits in 2  follow-up sessions. I also  will have time to answer questions which will come along the way in more detail.

The package includes: 1 x full personal birth chart reading (1,5h) and 2 x shorter sessions (30min) + availability for questions and guidance



You would love to know more about the archetypal dynamics in your family?

In separated consultations I will have a look a the birth charts of all family members. I will put a special focus on potentialities and challenges of each individual, but also always looking at the family as a whole.

We are going to work together over a longer period of time with a final consultation at the end to put together all the puzzle pieces. 

The amount of sessions and the price depends on how many family members you have. Please contact me to figure out the details.


To book a reading, choose one of the options above and use this form to pay. Let me know which type of consultation you want and choose one of the presented prices.

After receiving the payment, I will get in contact with you as soon as I can to arrange the day and time for the consultation.

Please note, that you will receive the e-mail from my gluten-free Bakery business: "Pão do Sol", since I am using the same webpage for the astrology readings :)


You can also offer a voucher to a family member or a friend, to get a birth chart reading or any of the other types of consultations. For that, contact me.

Book your Reading

Thanks for Booking

Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first reading ever, what can I expect?

I'm a little nervous to book a reading.  What if I don´t like what I hear?

Most part of the reading you can just relax and listen to my interpretation of planetary formations and transits. There is also space to share and ask more specific questions.

A birth chart reading can reveal inborn character traits and outcomes you may not like. It also requires you to face a deeper level of existence. This can be challenging—but at the same time, it can address anxieties and provide useful insight into the future.

How accurate are your predictions?

My style of astrology is not focused on predicting specific events in the future. I am more concerned with the big upcoming transits, which indicate important life phases and can manifest very differently, depending on how we approach them and manage to navigate through them.

What type of astrology do you practice?

I practice western astrology and using the placidious house system. I am in favor of a holistic view of the birth chart and every reading is different, due to the fact, that every chart is unique and requires a unique approach.

If everything is "written in the stars", do my choices still matter?

Is astrology connected to a religion?

I interpret the signs, symbols, and patterns of the sky using astrological charts and interpretive methodologies, which give clues about the archetypal patterns and phases of your life. But these always leave space for choices, since the same archetype can be manifested in very different ways, depending on how we choose! Astrology is a tool which makes us more free and clear in our daily life choices.

The simple answers is no! The roots of Astrology go back thousands of years and are found in all ancient cultures,transcending religious and cultural barriers.

But it requires a certain believe, that the cosmos has inherent sense and meaning to it.

Thanks for visiting my website and for your interest in reaching out. I am always happy to hear from you.

Whether you have questions, suggestions or feedback, please get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you,

David Waldbauer

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