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Who We Are

We are David and Maria and we met seven years ago on a permaculture farm in the area of Lagos in the south of Portugal.


Maria has always passionate about natural and healthy food and was working as a chef in the kitchen, cooking for retreats. David was working in the garden, but also was making the bread for the community which was living there.

We fall in love and wanted to start a project together, which expressed our values: natural food, sustainability and working in harmony with the local community and the rhythms of nature.

That's how and why we've started our bakery - Pão do Sol  - and dedicated a lot of our love and energy during six years to this project, producing gluten-free breads and cakes, naturally fermented just with organic ingredients and trying to source as local as possible.

In the end of 2022 we've decided to move to the north of Portugal, where we now are teaching these beautiful art of making gluten-free bread  through courses, workshops and giving trainings to professionals bakers.


Meanwhile, David finished his course in Holistic Astrology and started giving consultations and is currently making a course to become a Naturopath.

Maria continues to  be a dedicated and present mother and is planning to start something new soon.

Thanks for stopping by! We are very grateful for the opportunity to connect with you!

We believe in...

  • eating local, seasonal, organic food;

  • a life in harmony and close to Nature;

  • supporting and connecting with the local community;

  • spending time with our loved ones;

  • being simple, authentic and caring for others!

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