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- Presentation of the most common gluten-free cereals and flours;

- What ingredients do we use to replace gluten;

- Where to find them, which are the cheapest and healthiest options;

- Necessary equipment;

- Importance of fermentation - class: learn how to make and keep your    gluten-free sourdough starter;

- Importance of fermentation - class: learn how to make and use a pre-dough;

- 3 super simple bread recipes for everyday life (rustic bread, multigrain bread and hamburger buns);

- 2 recipes of our best gluten-free, refined sugar and dairy-free cakes;

- Our best tips for the best results (bread rises, becomes fluffy and delicious).

The course will include the following videos:

1. Unlimited access to all content.

2. Possibility to watch everything at your own pace.

3. Access to a platform of Q&As


If you are feeling the call to purchase our course you have

the following payment options:


1. MBWay, number 00351 936175269

2. Bank Transfer:

Nome: Maria Lobo

IBAN: PT50 0065 0923 004889 60009 30

Investment: 130€

For further questions feel free to contact us:

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