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Easy & natural gluten-free baking for everyone

Courses and workshops to help and inspire you on your journey as a gluten-free expert.

Hi, we are David & Maria!

We are a couple and were living at the beautiful sunny coast of the Algarve in southern Portugal for more than 7 years, running our little gluten-free bakery - Pão do Sol - and now, we feel ready to share our passion and knowledge about gluten-free baking with you.

Online Course

Simple & Natural Gluten-Free Bread & Cakes

If you want to reduce or eliminate gluten from your diet or simply want to eat more healthy and conscious, this online course is for YOU!


A fully recorded online course, divided by classes, to teach you the basics of making your own gluten-free bread at home using just simple and natural ingredients. 


The course includes:

  • 12 high quality videos, divided by classes which guide you through our baking techniques and recipes;

  • 5 delicious gluten free bread and cake recipes using just simple and natural ingredients;

  • 9 printable PDFs to support the videos;

  • Access to an online community to ask questions and share results.

"I absolutely love this course! I love Pao do Sol’s bakery, and whenever I visit Portugal, I buy their bread and cakes often! When this course came out, I knew I needed to learn how to make it and bring a slice of Pao do Sol’s bakery back home with me.
I never knew baking gluten-free bread could be so easy! The instructions were easy to follow and understand. Upon finishing this course I have more confidence in my baking skills and excitement about food! There’s also a really handy chat box to ask any questions and connect with others. I highly recommend this course!!"

Phoebe Garnsworthy

Spritual Author, Meditation Teacher

Alexa Young, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course live?

No, the videos of the course were already recorded. You will have access to an online platform on our website, which contains all the videos and PDF's. It's a lifetime access, so you don´t need to worry about a deadline. Time zones also don't matter at all!

How can I access your online course?

Once you purchase a course, you’ll be able to log in to your dashboard and find the course material: PDFs and videos. Everything is accessible from your phone, computer, laptop or any device that can access the internet. You can also print the PDFs if you prefer learning that way.

Can I ask questions and take doubts?

Is this course suitable for people with celiac disease?

When you join learning with us you will also get access to a platform to ask questions and take your doubts. You will be able to share photos of you baking results with the other participants.

Yes! This course is for everyone who wants to eliminate or reduce gluten in their diet or simply want to start eating more healthy and natural.

Which type of ingredients are you using in your course?

Do I need previous knowledge in baking?

All of our recipes are based on natural wholegrain ingredients. We are not using products with lactose, refined sugar, starches or chemical yeast, neither other processed ingredients.

Not at all! The course is designed to pick you up from the start, explaining you everything you need to bake your own gluten-free breads and cakes. There are also just very fiew things you  need to have in your kitchen and most of them you probably already have!



We are also sharing our knowledge through workshops in Portugal.

Click on the "learn more" button to find out where we are next and to book a class with us!

Courses for professionals

The demand for gluten-free products is constantly rising, but making high quality gluten-free breads and cakes is challenging and very different than to bake with gluten. We can help you to add gluten-free baking goods to your  product range.



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